The oldest of three siblings, Caity Costa was born in Berkley, CA on November 4, 1990.  Her sister, Melissa Costa, is a student and brother, Jesse Costa, is a student and sponsored skater. Caity’s mother, Marie Costa, is half Italian and half Sicilian and was born in Long Island, New York. Caity’s father is half Filipino and half French and was born in Manila, Philippines. As teenagers, her parents were both relocated with their families to a quiet, safe, suburb in San Ramon, CA. They attended the same high school, and eventually fell in love. Her mother was a singer and piano player, and her father was in a band with all of his brothers.

Caity always dreamed of becoming a singing superstar as a child. She was inspired by her family’s love for music  She used to sit with her mother for hours while mom played the piano and sang. Caity would sing along and have the time of her life. In 1997, when Caity was 7 years old she became obsessed with the movie Selena and would watch it every day. She would look at Jennifer Lopez and hope and pray that one day, she could be a singer like Selena and began performing all over the house, pretending to be her. Caity has held onto that dream for 16 years.  At age 8, Caity began taking singing and dancing lessons. Aside from being a budding entertainer, Caity also managed to achieve Honor Roll all through middle school and high school. In high school, Caity joined choir. It was her favorite class. She used to sit with her friends during lunch and sing her favorite Mariah, Aaliyah, and R&B Songs the whole time.

Caity was always a very artistic person, so naturally, after graduating high school, she immediately enrolled in college at The Art Institute of CA-SF where she majored in Fashion Design and continued writing songs and poems and singing her favorite R&B songs in her spare time at karaoke joints for fun.  All while designing and creating masterpieces for herself to wear on stage for her performances. She graduated with straight A’s and still designs clothing, swimwear, and lingerie for herself and friends. She hopes to one day show her talent and her masterpieces to the world.

Caity was modeling a few of her swimsuits on Myspace in 2009 hoping to get exposure for her incredible designs.  However, she was getting tons of attention for her modeling the swimsuits as well. She was scouted by model manager Jonathan Baram in 2009. He was very impressed by her exotic and rare beauty and immediately began booking her for projects which included Maxim Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Norcal Magazine, movies such as “Think Like A Man Too”, T.V Episodes of “CSI: Las Vegas”, and music videos. He told her she could make a living modeling in music videos which Caity was very pleased to hear because of her love for music. She spent a lot of time watching music videos and listening to music, so she was all in.  She was immediately booked to play a model in R&B star, The Dream’s music video Ft. Ludacris. “Love King Remix” where she played a fantasy girl in his sexy calendar that comes to life, full of beautiful models. She began dreaming and visualizing being a singer even more. She was surrounded by music, artists, lights, camera, and action, but she craved more!

She loved being a part of the music industry, and seeing artists live out their dream. It was very motivational for her. From there, a few artists in the industry were wondering who this model was. She caught the eye of Neyo and was booked to play his girlfriend in “Super High” Ft. Rick Ross. She then booked “Forever” by Drake Ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Eminem. She was the featured Ciroc model. She then booked a video for Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” where she was one of Nicki’s Harijuku Soldiers.  After filming that video, Caity knew that she was quickly becoming a well known video model, but that’s not what Caity wanted.  She wanted to be more than a pretty face. She yearned more than ever to become a singer and be respected in the music industry for her voice. She slowed down on the music videos, and began making Youtube covers, singing and working on her own talent and musical career. In 2011, Caity began working with Jimmy Reign of Reign Records. They put out 3 EP’s on iTunes, and also sold them at live performances: “Loving Myself” EP in 2012, “Angel” EP in 2012, and “Can’t Stop” EP in 2013. Although she only released 12 songs on Youtube/iTunes, Caity was working on a ton of unreleased songs with Jimmy for the future.

Caity booked many performances from her new music. She was performing at The Supper Club, The Foundation Room, Monroe SF, Lot 46, Fort McKinley, and Dragon Rouge to name a few! She then gained the attention of DJ Rick Lee of 106KMEL. Shortly after, her song “Get Away” was played on 106KMEL and won Home Turf Contest Of The Week.  In 2014, DJ Rick Lee presented Caity Costa’s Dream “EP” featuring artists such as Clyde Carson and Yung Berg. This will be Caity’s biggest EP yet with eight songs.  Caity says, “My debut EP “Dream” is about my life: true stories about love, friends, pressures of everyday life, God, being thankful, romance, and even a song called California about where I’m from. It’s very personal.  I can’t wait to let my fans get to know me better through my music. This is feel good music!”